Into the Blue

by Abstract Void

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Mathieu Davis
Mathieu Davis thumbnail
Mathieu Davis Absolute genius mix of 2 styles, which on paper have no business being together. These songs make me feel alive and I keep going back to them for a pick me up. Definitely recommended for any fan of either atmospheric black metal or synthwave. I feel both will equally get something out of this. What a treat Favorite track: The Night Wanderer.
Machine Head
Machine Head thumbnail
Machine Head Very intriguing, not sure if it works all the time. But worth the time and effort. Some tracks are very engaging. Will look forward to what is next
Favorite track: The Night Wanderer.
raphleforgeron thumbnail
raphleforgeron Close your eyes and travel... Favorite track: Strings of Time.
Nuclear thumbnail
Nuclear Great album with awesome vibe. I love the style of it - a mix of 80s style Syth Wave and Post - Black Metal. Its like a journey to the stars, endless peregrination across the universe ! Favorite track: Strings of Time.
Nick P
Nick P thumbnail
Nick P I didn't know how much I needed this excellent blend of synthwave and black metal in my life until now. It creates a very unique and fantastic atmosphere. Overall, a killer release. Would strongly recommend. Looking forward to future releases. Favorite track: Strings of Time.
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released June 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Abstract Void

One-man project from the planet Earth.

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Track Name: Strings of Time
Lost among the stars
Alone in the universe
I see before my eyes
How time slowly dies

The only way to change
So things would not stay the same
Is to pull the strings of time
With the power of your mind
Track Name: The Night Wanderer
The sacred time of the night
When the sun is nowhere to be seen
A man wandering in neon lights
With a hole deep within

Washed away, broken down
The soul of the man is nowhere to be found

At night he wakes alone
Not feeling as a whole
All the hours passing by
It's just another lonely night
Track Name: An Euphoric Dream
I woke up in the midst of war
Between my mind and soul
The strange dream I saw
Tells me I'll always be alone

It's time to accept myself
The way how I always was
It doesn't change anything
Whole life is like an euphoric dream
Track Name: Into the Blue
Before my eyes I see sky
Painted in grey
On that heartbreaking moment
All I loved was washed away

Watching the sun setting in
On this empty shore
I told myself to never give in
But somehow I'm fading into blue